Acorn Society Fund
Anton Almquist Endowment Fund
Willard Anderson Endowment Fund
Aten Fund
Community Impact Fund
Future Fund
Carl and Ruth Hendrickson Endowment Fund
David and Margaret High Endowment Fund
Ivan and LeonaBelle Kipp Endowment Fund
Pass Through Donation Fund
PCCF Board Member Matching Fund
PCCF Endowment PCCF Board of Directors Discretionary Fund
William and Margaret Richards Endowment Fund
Sylvera Endowment Fund
Donald W. and Florence E. Skallberg Endowment Fund

Kyle L. and Christi K. Anderson
Leonard Anderson
Dr. Robert and Mary Anna Anderson
Ryan L. and Jody R. Bauer
C & R Hendrickson Farms, Inc.
Franklin and Delores Carlson
Mike and Nancy Ecklun
Stuart and Lynn Embury
Chris and Caroline Erickson
Carl A. and Deloris Gustafson
Bruce C. and Carol S. Hendrickson
Michael C. and Vickie A. Klein
Donald and Sandra Kraus
Robert and Jean Linder
Reed and Sheryl McClymont
Nancy M. and James A. Morse
Gary B. and Claudia Philips
Elaine Redfern
Keith and Rogene Samuelson
William M. and Pamela K. Sandy
Donald E. Sjogren
John and Wendy Skallberg
H. Titus and Linda K. Swan
Ruth Swanson-Arden
Gerald and Darlene Thalken
William A. and Sheila Tringe
Richard and Susan Waller
Gerald and Volon Weber
Vicki Westcott
Robert J. and Helen Wiebe

Atlanta Industry Cemetery Fund
Cans for Kids Fund
Christian Homes Care Community Fund
Citizens for Bronze Art Fund
Disaster Relief Rund
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fund
Golf Fund
Carl R. Hendrickson Presbyterian Music buy crestor 20 mg Fund
Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce Fund
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Endowed Fund
Rotary Club of Holdrege Fund
Sandstrom-Bertrand Area Fund
Scheel Family Memorial Fund
John and Clara Stevens Charitable Endowment Fund
Teammates of Holdrege Designated Expendable Fund
Arnold and Olive Wallander Designated Endowed Fund

Wilcox Expendable Fund
Mark Schubert Memorial Scholarship Fund
Schubert Donor Advised Fund
E.L. Lindsay Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lamoine Johnsen Retired Employee Scholarship Fund
Bill Vandell Memorial Scholarship Fund
J.L. Young Memorial Scholarship Fund

Oxford Community Endowment

William and Margaret Richards Field of Interest Fund
McConahay Humanitarian Fund
Keith and Glenda Nelson Fund

Bertrand Community School Foundation Fund
Bertrand Community School BEHF Fund
First Presbyterian Church of Holdrege Endowment Fund
Funk Community Fund
Funk School Community Center Fund
Holdrege Animal Shelter Fund
Holdrege Area Public Library Fund
Holdrege Memorial Homes Foundation Fund
Holdrege School District #44 Fund
Holdrege School District #44 – Gabus Fund
Loomis School District #55 Fund
Loomis Community Endowed Fund
Mosaic Fund
Phelps Community Pantry Fund
Phelps County Historical Society Fund
Prairie Sports Association Fund
Phelps County 4-H Fund
School District #44 Performance Theater O&M Fund
Tassel Coordination Council Piano Fund
Tassel Coordination Council Fund
United Way of Kearney Area Fund
YMCA of the Prairie Endowed Fund
YMCA of the Prairie Founders Campaign Fund

AAUW Scholarship Fund
Vincent and Mildred Abrahamson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Jean Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lansing Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Atlanta Community Club Scholarship Fund
Byron Lee Anderson Mechanics and Welding Technology Scholarship Fund
Marty Damrow Memorial Scholarship Fund
Harry and Evelyn Dahlstrom Scholarship Fund
PMHC Miriam Fastenau Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rodney E. Forsberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Youth Golf Scholarship Fund
RoDonna Harden Memorial Scholarship Fund
Diann S. Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund
Earl and Caroline High Scholarship Fund
Bruce Hilsabeck Memorial Scholarship Fund
Holdrege High School Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund
Holdrege Firefighters Scholarship Fund
Holdrege Memorial Homes Scholarship Fund
Humpert Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jess and Willa Keifer Scholarship Fund
Ivan and Leona Belle Kipp Scholarship Fund
Mike Lane Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clive E. and Charlotte E. Lantz Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Swanson Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Linda Lum Memorial Scholarship Fund
J. Rowland and Eleanor McClymont Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Marvin Monson Memorial / Holdrege Young Farmers Scholarship Fund
Dodee and Tom D. Morris Art Scholarship Fund
Lenore High Morrison Memorial Scholarship Fund
Forrest and Violet Morrison Leadership Scholarship Fund
Otis E. and Dora P. Mundell Scholarship Fund
M.J. Nelson Science Scholarship Fund
Roger D. Olson Agricultural Scholarship Fund
Orleans High School Scholarship Fund
Pass Through Scholarship Fund
Patrick Family Scholarship Fund
PCCF Scholarship Fund
Phelps County Development Corporation Scholarship Fund
PMHC Service League Scholarship Fund
William and Margaret Richards Scholarship Fund
Holdrege Rotary Scholarship Fund
DeLaun Rupkalvis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Harvey E. and Marguerite Sandstrom McDowell Scholarship Fund
Howard F. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donald E. Sjogren Fridhem Lutheran Church Scholarship Fund
Skallberg Family Scholarship Fund
Rod Smith Educational Scholarship Fund
Walter J. and Elsie E. Stark Memorial Scholarship Fund
Theodore C. and Minnie C. Swanson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Emily Swenson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Holdrege Tennis Association Scholarship Fund
Arnold and Olive Wallander Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clifton and Alberta White Memorial Scholarship Fund
VFW Post 1365 Agricultural Scholarship Fund
Verner and Mildred Vinzant Scholarship Fund

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